El Mezcal, Washed, Mexico

El Mezcal, Washed, Mexico

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The beautiful producing region of Chiapas, Mexico is home to the E-Cafe Chiapas organization of growers and has a very unique story which leads to its name. The 4 cultivar (Bourbon, Caturra, Marsella, and Marogogype) are interspersed throughout the farm with Maguey Agave plants, which ultimately lead to one of the more distinct sweetness profiles we've had the pleasure to taste. It is named El Mezcal for a reason.

Cupping this coffee, we first picked up on fragrances of praline with chocolate and florals, the aroma an enveloping citrus. In the cup, El Mezcal is creamy, with white grape, mandarin orange, dusted cocoa powder, and of course, agave. It is also a profile that will work wonderfully for a variety of palates and preferences. It is somehow familiar and distinct to itself at the same time.


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