Bar Nine Pure Espresso (1L Bottle / 4 pk)
Bar Nine Pure Espresso (1L Bottle / 4 pk)
Bar Nine Pure Espresso (1L Bottle / 4 pk)

Bar Nine Pure Espresso (1L Bottle / 4 pk)

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The world's first batched espresso.

If you don't have an Espresso machine, you can still serve a fantastic espresso. If you do, you can open up new worlds of profitability and simplicity in your bar flow.

Note: Pure Espresso is available for local pick up orders only. Orders placed by Sunday for the following week's production. Orders available for pickup the following Friday. Orders are placed by the liter, with (4) Bottles for easier pouring.



With Bar Nine Pure Espresso, we've reverse engineered the process of espresso to deliver it in a batch form, ready to serve at your cafe, restaurant, or hotel. At just 55 cents per single, Espresso Nectar can deliver sublime quality with remarkable consistency, plus margins that can make sense for any operation. It is as simple as just shaking and pouring for cold drinks, whereas activating with steam will recreate a beautiful crema that works fantastically as an alternative to straight shots or poured with milk for perfect latte art. 

As Pure Espresso is a new product, every wholesale partner interested in trying should first reach out to Zayde to discuss and help implement the program at your location. Pure Espresso can also work as a way to reduce your grinders behind your bar, if you wanted to focus on a dedicated extraction and add another option, or use the Decaf to bypass the fuss of keeping it dialed to perfection with lower volumes.  

Pure Espresso should be stored in the refrigerator. Due to the higher oil content than a traditional brewed coffee, the oils will separate over time as it sits. Much like a nondairy milk, just give it a thorough shake before pouring, you will see the oil contents when pouring. That oil, with steam, creates a beautiful crema as well. The Espresso will hold 28+ days in the fridge, with the first 14 days a guaranteed stable crema. If our stock ever gets closer to that 28 day mark, we will work it into sauces, syrup bases, etc. It's also pretty fantastic in cocktail preparation, no machine needed.

If you'd like to see Pure Espresso in action, come visit us at Ten, where it is our only way we make espresso drinks.