Gerbicho, Guji, Ethiopia (Limited)

Gerbicho, Guji, Ethiopia (Limited)

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It is a beautiful year for the producing region of Guji. Guji is in the Southern region of Ethiopia, previously having been known as part of Sidama, although the distinction between these regions has been more commonly accepted of late, and with good reason. While not having the well-known pedigree as regions such as Yirgacheffe, consistently we have been blown away by coffees from this region.

Gerbicho is a gorgeous example of everything we love about this producing region. Sourced directly and produced by our longtime producing partner Ashenafi Argaw, this is a Limited Release as we prepare to launch some fun things for Holidays plus a new version of The 9, due out soon. Until then, enjoy this exemplary, bright, and lively cup. Truly one of the most exciting cups to hit the main menu in some time, and is a great representation of many beautiful tastes to come as 2021 coffees finally land stateside. Enjoy!

Ruby Grapefruit, Orange Blossom Honey, Cherry, Vanilla.

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