Bonbon - Kalimaz, Gerba, Guji

Bonbon - Kalimaz, Gerba, Guji

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A memorable, seasonal single origin evoking decadence in coffee* 

With the taste profile Bonbon, our aim is to take a comforting coffee experience to new heights. This coffee will work for a wide variety of palates in any application, with a refined and memorable finish that lingers beautifully. The goal in roasting as well as sourcing this coffee is enrichment and nostalgia while also breaking new ground in a taste experience. Expect a rounded body, a deep sweetness, and artful nuance.

*directly traded and sustainably sourced

Bonbon is currently

Coffee: Kalimaz
Farm/Co-Op: Gerba
Region: Guji, Ethiopia
Fermentation: Natural Process
Producer: Ashenafi Argaw
Exporter: Ardent Coffee Exporters
Harvest Year: 2022

On our cupping table: Chocolate Truffle, Marshmallow, Dried Cherry, Cinnamon

In the roaster, we are focusing on primarily a Conductive heat transfer to highlight the beautiful tastes of this gorgeous Natural. Unlike many other naturals from Ethiopia, fruit is not the dominant taste, Kalimaz is all about its sweetness. We will do what we can to highlight those strengths. Given its development being further than our other coffees, use less contact time or cooler water than with Fruta or Flora for best results.


All online orders are roasted to order and added to our next roast date. We roast Mondays and Wednesdays, orders placed by 8AM on roast days will be roasted that day, otherwise the coffee will be roasted on our next roast date.