Carbonic Gerbicho - Limited (Roast Date 11/28)

Carbonic Gerbicho - Limited (Roast Date 11/28)

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Note: Shipping in 125g bags 

Holding up beautifully, this '21 Carbonic macerated natural is processed in a carbon-dioxide rich environment in stainless steel barrels. This particular selection was produced as a Micro-Lot, meaning very limited quantities. As a roaster, we aim to allow coffees like this to speak for themselves, gently guiding them through the roast process for optimal development without tinting the taste with roast character. 

For the Carbonic Gerbicho, you’ll be immediately struck by its fragrance after grinding and the enveloping aromas activated with the addition of hot water. In the cup, there is a blend of different tartaric (raspberry / strawberry), citric (orange / lemon meringue), and malic acidities (apple crisp) with distinct florals, a jammy sweetness, and lively effervescence. It simultaneously goes deep in its taste while continuing to evolve dynamically as the cup cools. Any way you approach this, you are sure to get some beautiful results. Enjoy!


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