"Don Mario" Micro Lot - Limited (Roast Date 5/11)

"Don Mario" Micro Lot - Limited (Roast Date 5/11)

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A special, limited release Micro-Lot that has been a staff favorite at Bar Nine and Ten, we are so excited to be releasing "Don Mario," produced in Jerico, Colombia with our remaining stock!

Named after its producer, Don Mario is truly a beautiful coffee in-the-cup. On our cupping table, we're tasting Apple, Cinnamon, Cherry, and Pink Grapefruit, with Chocolate and Rose-like florals that develop as the cup cools. On the finish, the fruit comes together as a juicy Blackberry, its complexity continuing to shine as it opens up. When you have a coffee with this much going on, it can prove to be exceptionally versatile in brewing. Regardless of style or extraction method of choice, this will be sure to yield memorable results.

This particular coffee was grown within the Antioquia region of Jerico at almost 2000 meters above sea level, the cultivar makeup consisting of Dos Mil, Castillo, and Caturra varieties. If you are pulling this as a shot and have the opportunity, try reducing your pressures to 6-7 bars when brewing, as well as adding a little more water to the brew recipe. These longer and gentler extractions will help create the broadest palate of tastes available within this coffee. If brewing as a pour over or immersion, then try stretching your water to a 1:16.5 ratio for nuance, with temps starting around 201F for increased complexity.


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