"Red Velvet" Limited Release Blend

"Red Velvet" Limited Release Blend

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Limited for Summer 2022, featuring a gorgeous Carbonic Macerated Micro-Lot from Guji, Ethiopia.

Throughout the years, we've loved taking competition-level coffee and incorporating them into blends like this fabulous limited release, in an effort to make amazing coffee more accessible to everyone. This is a delicious and decadent treat indeed!

The base of this blend is a Washed Process version of Dumerso from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. We have its Natural counterpart on our main menu at the moment. Whereas the Natural version is more berry forward, the Washed version is more of classic profile of what Yirgacheffe coffees are known for: clean, floral, vibrant, and with a honey-like sweetness. It provides an excellent canvas for its wilder accent, the Micro-Lot Carbonic Natural of Gerbicho from Guji, Ethiopia. We shipped this as a single origin and Odyssey release, and was also used this year in competition at the United States Barista Championships. Full of red fruits, jammy sweetness, and a lingering resonance from its experimental fermentation, the 20% that makes up "Red Velvet" delivers in profound ways. This is a full, plush mouthfeel that is one of the most memorable blend experiences we've had the pleasure of crafting. Enjoy this while you can!

On our cupping table:

Cherry Syrup, Vanilla Bean, Pink Lady Apple, Nectarine, Orange Blossom.

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